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Our Philosophy

We are simple people with a simple philosophy - "treat everyone like family"...and of course make the best maple syrup in Wisconsin - Maple Shine™ 100% Pure Maple Syrup.

Our Story

What began as a small family dairy farm on the banks of the Branch River in North Eastern Wisconsin has become a burgeoning family tradition of making the best small-batch maple syrup you will ever find - Maple Shine™ 100% Pure Maple Syrup.  Our philosophy runs deep -- it's all about family.  The family is Maple Shine.  Every ounce of effort in the planning, production, distribution and sale of Maple Shine is done by the family.  The family pride that is bottled in each pint of Maple Shine is our way of bringing our family to yours.

Meet the Family

In order to make each bottle of Maple Shine absolutely delicatable, each family member has a critical role in making it all happen.  Meet the family to understand their important role in the production of Maple Shine 100% Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup.

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Grandpa Jim

Chief Boiler & Sapologist

Grandpa Jim is the heart and soul of the operation.  His specialty though is watching sap boil.  From early morning to late evening you can find Grandpa Jim vigilantly keeping soulful watch over every small batch produced.  A keen focus on detail and his meticulous approach ensures every batch of Maple Shine is a delectable delight!

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Miss Lucia

Chief Tapper and Bottler

Two of the most important steps of the maple syrup making process is getting the sap and bottling the sweet, sweet syrup.   From the chill of the woods in late February to heat of the bottler all season long, Sweet Lucia makes sure there is ample supply of Maple Shine for all our extended family -- our precious customers.

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Grandma Pat

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Behind the scenes, Grandma Pat has maniacal focus on the quality control of the operation and most importantly keeping the troops fed after the long days in the sugar bush.  Under Grandma Pat's watch there is not a spot, blemish or spec of dirt to be found in the operation ensuring every batch of Maple Shine is of the utmost quality and tastiness.

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Little Miss Maria

Assistant Chief Tapper and Taste Tester

Undeniably, the process of making maple syrup is very, very labor intensive.   No doubt tapping maple trees in the the cold, damp days of late winter is not a job for the weak.   Miss Maria at a young is already an old pro at the art of tapping.  Coupled with a keen ability of taste and sweet tooth like no other, Miss Maria makes sure the sap is flowing and every bottle of Maple Shine is scrumptious!

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Uncle Ron

Chief of Keeping It All Running

Simply stated, Uncle Ron keeps the operation running and running smoothly.   From design to metal fabrication and line layout, anything operational Uncle Ron has his "sticky" fingerprint on.  When the sap starts running so does Uncle Ron, to ensure the most abundant and efficient production of Maple Shine and satisfy the hardiest sweet tooth.

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Little Miss Gabriella

Assistant Chief Tapper and Labeler

Little Miss Gabriella, might be the youngest of the family, but she carries her workload weight.   Another seasoned tree tapper extraordinaire, Miss Gabriella also is the family member that puts the final touches on each bottle -- the label and quality control seal.  Born with a need for perfection, Miss Gabriella ensures each bottle of Maple Shine has a properly placed label and quality control seal bearing the name of the inspector.

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